Renew Current Membership $200

New Member Application: $200 Initiation Fee + $200 Dues/year

  • INITIATION FEE: $200.00 (One Time Fee In Addition to Annual Dues) ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP DUES: $200.00 due December 31st of each year. A $50 Late fee will be assessed after 12/31. If a new member joins after the month of June, the first year membership dues are $100.00, or after the month of August $50.00. PAYMENT: Full payment to Blue Rock Sportsmans Club is due at the time the application is submitted. NEW MEMBERS: New members shall be sponsored by a member in good standing. After the application is submitted it will be forwarded to the board of directors for review. The board has 10 days to review the application.  Only after orientation will the gate code, clubhouse key and membership access be issued. All new members will serve a six (6) month probationary period. At the end of that period they may be accepted as a full member. Probationary members will not have voting privileges. CLUB ACCESS: Entry to the club is available to all members for recreation purposes seven (7) days per week, however, certain days of the year the club may be closed due to Registered Shoots, charity and private functions. Dates upon which the club will be closed are to be posted on the website calendar so that members can plan accordingly. Blue Rock Sportsmans Club is wholly member owned and all members have equal access to the club. Visitors can shoot up to five (5) times per year. CLUB MANAGEMENT: The Blue Rock Sportsmans Club Board of Directors and Officers manage and conduct all club business. The Officers and Board Members are elected to Two (2) year terms by the general membership at the annual club meeting generally held during the annual club closed shoot. OTHER INFORMATION: For additional information contact any Blue Rock Sportsmans Club Officer or Director. Or